“It’s not what you say but how you say it” isn’t exactly true.

Today, how you say what you say, is more true.

Other than a total reframe, there are no good ways to say these 5 insulting statements:
As I’ve already said… (read: though clearly, YOU weren’t listening to my words of wisdom)
If you would listen… (read: would ya’ shut up and let me talk?)
Basically/Put simply… (read: For you, I’ll need to dummy this down)
I am trying to help you, but you aren’t letting me speak… (read: You are the reason for the problem)
If you’ll let me finish…/Just let me finish… (read: another shut up and let ME talk).

Guilty of any of those? If so, fantastic! Because as soon as you change your words, you change your world.

Eliminate any phrase that makes the other person feel stupid or even just less smart.

Top performers (and happy people) help the other person feel authentically important.

Revolve your messaging around creating comfort. Try these:
Thank you for allowing me to clarify/asking for clarification.
Thank you for your forthright approach and I’m eager to hear what you think.

Email is even less forgiving than F2F.

Be at your best – and help others to be at their best – by elevating the conversation with genuine care.

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