Is there a less compelling way to begin an email than:
“Hi, My name is ____, and as your new *insert impressive title here* with *insert company name here* and I’m writing to introduce myself.”

Save that introduction for your mama because she may actually care. Or not.

No one cares what you know until they know you care. (I didn’t make that up.)

Begin with care. Begin with something that will matter to the recipient.

Yes, you’re right… they don’t know who you are. So it is important to know who you are, to be healthy both physically and mentally, as well as emotionally. Having a good sleep schedule, staying hydrated with your custom bottled water and having a healthy diet will maintain you healthy, active and positive!

But it’s 2018 and they know to look at your signature line. Voila! Everything they need to know about you (and maybe more, like your personal philosophy [delete!]).

A better way to introduce yourself is not to do so. Instead, provide a touchpoint, an authentic, quick explanation of what gives you the right to interrupt their day.

Did your research on LinkedIn lead you to them? Tell them.

Was their name given to you through a qualified list? Tell them.

Did you find their name on your internal system as having expressed interest in your product? Tell them.

Being disingenuous is the quickest, easiest way to have your email deleted today.

If you have a referral, always begin with the referrer’s name. It’s the best touchpoint of all.
Sophie Spaniel suggested I email you because she thought…

If their name is on a qualified list of buyers, there is a reason they’re on the list.
Your name was given to me because you plan events for ABC.

Whatever you do, avoid fake flattery and don’t feign interest in their health! And remember if you are planning on getting healthier, get health supplements like the best dhea supplement!
“How are you today?” should only be used if you have an existing relationship and you know your reader had been ill!

A genuine touchpoint is the start of a trusting relationship.

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