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5 Ways to help your prospects buy from you

The American jackal, better known as a coyote, has survived for 1.8 million years. The name “coyote” is borrowed from Mexican Spanish, meaning “trickster.”
This explains why some sales people exist even though they bring no value to the prospect. They trick them and they’re able to adapt their tricks as times change.
What has brought on this rant? A post in a LinkedIn community. The topic was listening to C-levels and gaining trust.
One person posted his response: “I listen only to prospects that are ready, willing and able to buy. I don’t have time to babysit a C-level or anyone who isn’t interested in buying.”
It’s likely that your response was as visceral as mine. Can this person be real?
The easiest way to avoid being a jackal (or jack#%^) is to stop selling and start helping the buyer buy. Selling without listening would be like my walking in to my doctor’s office, presenting myself, and having the doc diagnose “step throat”.  How can we provide a solution without listening?
Listen from their viewpoint. 
Become your customer.
Stay as neutral as possible as you listen, not quick to jump in with your solution, but quick to ask questions and learn more to offer them the best solution for them.
Listen for points of agreement. You’ll hear 25% more when you do and you’ll also be able to elevate the conversation for the buyer.
Replace always be closing with always be listening.
Coyotes trick their prey. If a dog meets a coyote, the coyote doesn’t attack it. It befriends it and calls its friends to meet the lost dog. Then, they start tricking the dog, leading it further away from its desired path home. By the time the dog realizes what is happening, the coyote pack descends on the dog…
Tricksters have been around for way too long. Our job as sales people is to ensure the success of our customers and that can only happen with a deep curiosity and a desire to help them shine.

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