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A coaching client of mine is brilliant but no one wants to hear what she has to say because she has no social graces with which to say it.

During her last review, she was refused a coveted position though she thinks it was because she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t and she isn’t. Until she is willing to consider that she is sabotaging herself and that it isn’t that others don’t get her, she will not advance.

“This is my personality,” she told me and people need to take me the way I am.

Well, no. NO, they don’t.

It’s up to us to help others want to do what we want. It isn’t a matter of saying “do this because this is the way I am and you know I don’t mean to be demanding, rude or pushy.”

It’s just my way is not an acceptable communication pattern!

Are you rough around the edges? Do you often hear yourself saying (to yourself or others), “Well,that’s just the way I am”?

Time to change yourself.

Focus on helping them feel more comfortable around you.

Be more curious.

Love and respect them more.

Simply be more courteous.

Smooth out those rough patches. It won’t change who you are but it will change the results you get.



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