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5 Ways to Make Voicemail Your New BF + a bonus script

As a hotel industry sales trainer, I often am asked/told the same story: No one returns my voice messages anyway so why should (should I) leave a voice message?

Yes and Yes! You just have to know what to say and “>how to say it to make the voice message count.

First to all the sales people who are frustrated with voice mail: You’re right. Many prospects will not phone you back. Unless you can make your message so compelling and relevant to the buyer, it is unlikely that they will take the time out of their crazy busy day to phone you back. It doesn’t matter. Leave a great voice message anyway.

Next – and this tip is important to remember before you pick up the phone: Be prepared for your prospect to answer the phone! Yes, most likely, he or she will see your caller ID pop up and let your message go to voice mail. But what if she doesn’t? What if she picks up the phone and you aren’t prepared to start a trusting, engaging conversation? Always be ready with an authentic touchpoint (why you’re calling) and a reason for her to want to talk to you (this would be information that will help her shine – not you or your product).

Then, prepare yourself to talk on the phone. Remember that old, old thing about “Put a smile on your face when you pick up the phone.” It may be old but it rocks. People really can hear when you are confident and happy and excited. Of course, they hear the opposite too.

Next, consider what you want from the voice message. Most likely you’re calling because you want them to know that you are authentically concerned about their success and that is the reason you’re calling. No, you can’t say that (Hi Prospect, I’m calling because I’m authentically concerned about your success…),but you can very, very, very quickly let them know that you are calling to talk about exciting options to help them save, accomplish, achieve, receive, enjoy, experience…. you get the drift.

Finally, leave your phone number – twice – and tell them how (email or phone) and when you’ll follow up again. (Don’t stalk!)

Bonus: Try starting your call like this:
Hi Name, This is Sue with High Impact Presentations and I am sorry to miss you. My # is 480-575-9711 and I was calling to talk about how your sales team might be able to convert more leads to booked business. I’ll follow up early November if we don’t connect before then//I’ll send you a quick email because that be better for you. Again, my # is 480-575-9711 and your sales team will thank you for training that sets them up for success!

Do I promise that they’ll listen to the entire message. Absolutely not! Do I promise that you’ve started a trusting, engaging relationship? Only if you put a smile on your face!

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