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Why K.I.S.S. Matters More than Ever

How old were you when you learned that K.I.S.S. was an acronym (or initialism) for Keep it simple, stupid? I think I was in 7th grade and so excited to be able to use the word stupid at the dinner table. You may have missed out on the fun if your teacher replaced stupid with sweetie

Whatever. The point is that it – keeping it simple – matters more than ever. And it’s not just about keeping it concise and easy to understand. Today it also means to keep it simple to do, too.

The third annual Global Brand Simplicity Index released last week surveyed 6,000 customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America to determine “perceived points of complexity and simplicity.” You can read the survey but here is the point (to be simple): Simplicity equals revenue. The easier it is to do business with a company, the stronger the revenue and stock performance.

Tell that to your sales team. In fact, highlight this: If you make your customer work (even if it as simple as ‘call me if you want more information” or “please tell me when a convenient time is for me to call you” or “Let me know your thoughts”), you run the risk of losing the prospect/customer to a sales team who is willing to take the extra step and do the work for them. (I’ll phone you Wednesday afternoon and if another time is more convenient for you, I’ll follow up as you request.)

Howard Belk, CEO of the firm behind the research, says this, “…people equate complexity with lack of trustworthiness.” The more you can KISS them by keeping your messaging – including your emails! – clear, transparent and relevant, and KISS them by keeping it simple for them to take the next step toward completion of the sale, the more you can expect to sell.

Do you agree?

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