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Sponsors and exhibitors! You are boring your buyers to death!!

This week I watched eight sponsors totally waste their organization’s money by presenting their product/service/themselves in the worst possible way.

#1. started by introducing him/herself (even though credentials were shown under their video).
#2. used a deck filled with slides with too many words, boring photos, and nothing that told a compelling story.
#3. had trouble with the technology and brought attention to it by apologizing and apologizing again.
#4. read, most with their head or eyes down.
#5. sounded scripted with words that were written by someone else (marketing?).
#6 went on too long.
#7 didn’t interact or try to engage buyers.
#8 showed a closing video (and if the words were omitted) that would be cool if there hadn’t been 7 others that were pretty much interchangeable. Oh and those videos were pre-pandemic with people collaborating inches from the others germs.

What are you thinking? Your organization needs sales!
Your job is to create enthusiasm, excitement and begin a conversation with your buyers not bore them and shut them down!

It’s true that when you showed up in person, you might have been able to get away with feature dumping. People could interrupt (the presentation you were making mainly for yourself) and ask questions. And you could see if they were falling asleep, checking their phones, leaving the room. (Such a benefit of turning the video camera off!)

What must you do to get the ROI your company requires?
1. Start with something fun, interesting, startling! Do NOT start by telling us who you are; you don’t need to prove your credentials. They already believe you.
2. Make your deck fun, interesting, different. If you have more than 3 words, you have too many words!
3. Rehearse with the technology! And be prepared to stop using it and just talk to your buyers/audience.
4. Do NOT read! Tell stories. Get creative.
5. Stop acting like whatever you’re pitching is brain surgery. Lighten up. Get on-brand.
6. Just because you have 4 minutes doesn’t mean you should use all that time. Remember, “No one ever shot a speaker who ended early.”
7. Your buyer is not interested in your data dump. Ask them what they need to know. Interact. Engage. Play a game. Do something beyond blabber.
8. Just because you have a video doesn’t mean you need to show it. Find a 3-second clip and talk about it. Or just forward it to your buyers.

Do something different. Please!

Not everything is a great question, so I beg you, please stop saying, “Thank you for that great question!”

Try, “Thank you for the question.” Or, “Thank you.” Or simply answer the darn question. On those occasions when the question is truly great, ta da, say it then. Only then.

Here is the thing: How can you claim your service/product is authentic if you aren’t?

The opportunity to create distinction, make a great impression and SELL MORE is huge. Please take it (and yes, I’m available to help your team have fun and create presentations you’ll be proud to present and that your buyers will want to listen to!).

Before you go…

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