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Have you noticed all the ocean analogies lately?

Maybe it’s because I’m in St. Lucia this week but …

Change today, the podcaster said, is like a drop of blue dye in the ocean. Not even noticeable.

And, like the ocean, we are not separated droplets…

More, from Seth Godin’s blog today: the ocean is made of drops, too many to count. But it all starts with a drop.

Which got me thinking about how one tiny drop of a change can yield BIG results.

Like moving from a transactional approach to a caring one.
From a self-centered message to a customer-centric one.
From (inadvertently) creating obstacles to next steps to ensuring next steps are organic and frictionless.
From making it too easy to say “Send me more information and I’ll review it.” instead of easier to say, “Yes, please!”
From routine to brain-friendly
From thoughtless to thoughtful

A drop of change changes everything!

Maybe the one biggest change to make right now – right now! – is to put people at ease; to communicate optimism, success, enthusiasm.

Harsh truth: Your safety protocols are no longer a point of differentiation. They should just be a hyperlink.

Your growth mindset – that is your differentiating factor!

Have you participated in or hosted meetings? Your buyers and stakeholders need proof that success is not just possible but probable.

Talk numbers.
Numbers of hosted events.
Numbers of people attending.

Include photos.

This one drop will make all the difference in your successful future.

Before you go…

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