The client could have blamed poor sales on so many things. It is 2020, after all.

His sellers were averaging an almost 80% ghosting rate. Interest, then nothing.

“It has to be because our emails suck,” he said.

Yup. After reviewing their templated prospecting, follow-up and break up emails they were sending, he was exactly on the mark.

Email selling that is based on the old model of push-based communications won’t work anymore. The more you push them, the more desperate you sound and the more they ghost.

Here is an example. The prospect downloaded content from their website and the seller followed up with an initial (suck-y) email. To make matters worse, he followed up TWO DAYS later with this:

Hey Name – I just wanted to make sure my last email didn’t get lost in the shuffle. I know how busy you are.
Do you have an open slot tomorrow?
If not, here is a link to my calendar. Pick whatever fits your schedule.
Here to help.

So wrong on every level.

Email selling playbooks need to be updated now.

First, do you even have an email sales strategy? Likely you have an expected cadence, but what about strategy?

With digital your primary way of selling today, it’s worth the time to do it right.


Are you still “Just checking in/touching base/reaching out…”

What is the email sales strategy behind that? Are your words conveying confidence, emotional certainty, value?

Top performers and smart organizations use every interaction to achieve better sales results.

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