Language shapes the way we think. 

Positive and negative language creates a different experience for readers and listeners. And different results for the writer.

These words and phrases, used in email or conversation, might seem harmless. They aren’t:

I completely understand why

I understand your concern


I’m sorry you feel that way

No problem

I disagree with

I am puzzled and concerned by this

I can’t

As I’ve already said…

Basically/Put simply

Calm down

If you’ll let me finish…

I’m new so please bear with me

We apologize for any inconvenience

I don’t know

According to 2018 Boomerang research, a positive message perception can boost response rate up to 15%.

What message are you shaping?


Convert your language to more positive messaging and you’ll convert more leads and get better results.

Tell me what is possible not what is impossible.

What you can do, not what you can’t.

Here are some phrases to get you started:



Definitely, certainly, of course

That’s a good/great/excellent question

You can count on me to do everything I can to make this right.

Create happy when you write and speak and you create more trust and likeabiltiy.

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