It isn’t but it can be.

Selling isn’t a dirty word when the sales person cares more about the person he is selling to, than making the sale.

Selling isn’t a dirty word when the sales person makes the next step easy both for the customer and for herself.

Selling isn’t a dirty word when sales “technique” is helping the other person get more excited about success with your offer than anyone else’s.

Selling is an obscenity when it’s bait and switch (a subject line shouting important news and there is no important news).

It’s an obscenity when the only way to engage with the buyer is through trickery. (“Leave a partial message that includes your name and phone number and pretend to get cut off in mid–sentence as you’re getting to the important part of the message.”). Ugh!

It’s obscene when the buyer is treated like an ignoramus, as if he is too stupid to discern the difference between schlock and substance.

People with titles outside of sales usually hate being asked to sell. Why? They think selling is a dirty word.

Fake, Cheesy, Aggressive. Pushy.

And maybe it was back in the day.

But the day is now and snake oil is no longer for sale.

What sales strategies are you being taught to use?

Do you extend your hand or try to tie theirs behind their back?

Here is what authentic selling means today:

Become your customer.

Personalize your message.

Create excitement.

Show care.

Make it simple to move forward.

These are the sales “tricks” that will do the trick.

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