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The only thing better than hearing a sales objection is booking the business without any questions.

But that only happens sometimes.

More often, there are questions sometimes couched as objections.

Embrace them!

If buyers aren’t interested, they’ll just say no (which is also just a question) or go to radio silence.

But the fact that they said,
“I love your hotel but your prices are too high, your ballroom too bland and your move-in schedule unreasonable” is – cue the choir – “Hallelujah” to my ears!

Even if they left off the “I love your hotel” bit, they are at least still interested or they would have gone to radio silence or emailed “no” (which can also be a question, btw.)

You’re a sales person! Your job is to help them envision their vision with what you have to offer.

If you can’t help them create success, tell them so you can both move on.

But when you are/have a great option, it’s up to you to, as we stopped saying around 2008, “overcome their sales objection.”

Here’s how to win their trust, boost your likeability and advance to the next step in your sale:

Listen for the points you can agree with.
It’s always best to start with what is possible. If they come to you frustrated, affirm how they’re feeling. If you created a problem by not communicating fully or thoughtfully, be wise and kind enough to admit you should have spoken up sooner. (You’re right. I should have spoken up sooner…”)

Help them feel safe & smart explaining all their needs.
Ask smart questions that show curiosity and an honest desire to learn more.

Be transparent.
Don’t air dirty laundry or do the blame game. Explain the facts, respectfully and with care.

Stay equal.
Saying you’ll have to check with your Rev Manager or DOSM makes you look unequal and maybe even incompetent. Of course, you may need to discuss their needs with your colleagues…

Stay focused on why they considered you in the first place.
Always remember the value you bring.

Stay solution oriented.
Use positive, brain-friendly words to put them at ease so they feel confident you will deliver what you promise.

It’s not their question that is getting in the way of closing more business. It’s the words you choose and the approach you take.

High performers take the time to understand their true question and then take care of their buyers with their response.

Before you go…

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