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Words! Words to explain what I’ve been teaching for years. It’s a good day!

Stanford’s “friction-less” replaced years of saying, easy, effortless, simple.
Create a friction-less customer experience.
If it causes buyer friction, don’t do it.

And now a new one.

Sense making.

Sellers – you! – are the virtual bridge between the information buyers have when they approach you, and their skepticism.
I’ve said that for years.

But wait!

Sense making says it all.
You know your product best.
You’ve heard similar questions and experienced similar situations.
You can create value for your clients that wouldn’t be possible without your knowledge base.
You make sense of the value they’re receiving from you.

How are you sense making? What are you doing to create a friction-less sell and buy?

Selling has changed and because you’re reading this blog, you want to change too.

Your customers are better prepared than ever with information gathered.

But they have too much of it.

They’re overwhelmed and unsure.

To be a sense-maker, your emails must communicate confidence, create insight and value, lower skepticism, enable a friction-less next step.

Do they do that?

For caring, respectful sellers, there has never been a better time to be in sales.

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