“Can’t get no satisfaction…”

Jagger’s song could be the theme song of negotiating with, by, through email.

But we do it every day.

Here’s how to do it best:
1. Express positive emotion.
Tone is so easily misunderstood and keeping a friendly, authentic tone is critical.
Use emojis (yes, they are today’s body language!) to keep your message positive. (Okay, don’t go nuts with the emojis but an occasional shows personality and can add clarity.)
Even your greeting and closing impact positivity and likeability.

2. Ask smart questions.
Your goal isn’t to just negotiate to close, but to help the other person feel safe, smart and in control so they are happy with the negotiation. Asking questions makes the negotiation feel more like a conversation (which is really how the negotiation should be handled to begin… just saying!)
Does this seem fair?
Are we in agreement on this?
Does this align with your goals?

3. Instill authentic FOMO
Are there time constraints?
Is the supply limited?
Is this an exclusive offer?

4. End friendly.
Ending with a process or procedural statement (If you have questions, please call) ruins everything.

An authentic delighter will do wonders.

But you can also talk about something you have in common… the Yankees’ win, the hot summer weather (turns out talking about the weather enhances any negotiation!), counting days until the kids go back to school.

Always ensure you leave a pleasant “taste in their mouth” when they finish your email. It will change the way they reply to you and the results you receive.

5. Make the next step easy

Did you catch what I left out?

The most important must-know tip of all when negotiating by email is:

Ask for the business.

Don’t expect a counteroffer (with accompanying email ping pong).

Expect a “yes, please!”

Negotiating by email isn’t the smartest sales move. According to Jeanette Nyden (though I cannot find any research to support this figure), “we lose more than 50% of our deals when we negotiate exclusively using email.”

Even if it’s half that, shame on us for not picking up the phone.

But if you’re going to use email even partially as a negotiating tool (and who among us doesn’t?!), apply these tips to negotiate your best deal.

Before you go…

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