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Have you ever been nervous making a presentation?

Who hasn’t?

The reality is we do it to ourselves.

We’re nervous because we care more about making a good impression when what we should be focused on is helping the other person – our hotel owner, leader, team, customer – feel certain our recommendation is best for them.

Start with what matters to them instead of what you want to say.
End with what matters to them.
And in the middle, only present what matters to them.

To calm those nerves, make the presentation about them instead of your performance.

Don’t ever tell yourself you’re nervous. Don’t let anyone else play with your head either (like I did with the title of this post.) As soon as we start thinking about being nervous, we are.

Instead, think about how you’ll control the presentation because you’re prepared, relevant and smart. You wouldn’t have been asked to present if those listening to you didn’t respect you.

You didn’t get to your “stage” by accident. Remember that.

Before you go…

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