Because we all pray this awful coronavirus will soon be contained, people will get well, and life and travel will resume, it is very smart to proactively prepare for Q3 and Q4.

Prospecting for new business may take a back seat, while communicating with loyal customers takes precedence.

But what to say?

How to show authentic care?

First, it depends on your existing relationship. Did you build one or was their business simply a transaction from their viewpoint? You can only focus on your advice to “stay healthy” if they truly believe you care. If it seems like you are taking advantage of this horrible situation, you will lose them forever (and you’d deserve to).

Next, whatever you do or say, these words (that I read in a prospecting/follow-up email today which prompted this post) should never, never, never be used:
“I am pleased to inform you that due to the coronavirus situation…”

It is an unfortunate, difficult situation that no one can be pleased about. Full stop.

Your authenticity will be tested and your words matter. But when they feel your true care, you can cement loyalty and look forward to better days together.

It’s time to revise your prospecting/follow-up emails.

For some, it’s time to stop prospecting and start engaging.

Ask yourself if there is any reason to sell, pitch, offer?


Or maybe it’s just time to be human, be positive and extend your hand.

“It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day!” GE theme; World’s Fair 1964, Flushing, NY

Before you go…

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