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Raise your hand if you’re also sick of “Checking back with you” emails as in:

Hi Sue,
It’s Name. I just wanted to check back in with you to see if you received my earlier email? If you didn’t, let me know and I’ll be happy to resend it to you.*


No. I didn’t get it (because you didn’t send it, I deleted it, it wasn’t memorable enough to know if I got it).
Yes. I got it. I deleted without reading because it didn’t matter to me.
No. I’m not going to take my time to let you know if I received it.
No. I don’t want you to resend. Or ask me again if I received your follow-up to my non-response.

This is a gimmick and insulting your customers intelligence or thinking you’ve earned the right to bother them because you sent an email is more than silly. It’s stupid.

While we’re on the subject, break up with the break up emails too. You know the:
“I haven’t heard from you in a while, so I’m going to assume you’ve gone in a different direction or your priorities have changed.
If you’re no longer interested, please let me know so I can stop reaching out.”*

Really? Is this the last thing you want your prospect to remember about you… that you’re an arrogant *&(^(&?
That they have to take the initiative if they ever dare want to work with you?
That they are wrong to have not let you know they weren’t going to work with you?

It gets worse because most likely, you WON’T stop following-up. When they get another email from you (what will you say in that one, by the way?), they’ll know you bluffed/lied/don’t care about anything but making a sale.

Top performers are consistently authentic, show care and respectfully speak their truth.

What can you do when you’ve pursued a prospect for a year or two, following your strategic playbook (you have one, right?), and all you hear are crickets?

Stay future-focused.
Help them feel safe and smart contacting you when the time is right.
Explain when you’ll contact them again, because things change.

*Both of these are real examples with names changed to protect the very guilty.

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