What is the most compelling story you use to explain your brand distinction?

When I recently asked a sales team I was working with, they said things like:
“The passion from our team”
“When a client comes to me after an event and says how easy we are to work with”
“We go the extra mile for our clients”

Nice. But not story.

Stories are specific, visual, emotionally pleasing.

They connect from the heart not the head.

They help others feel the passion, the ease, and how you go the extra mile.

Our brains are hard-wired to attend to stories and high performers don’t talk about or around or feature dump, instead they invite prospects in through the stories they tell. They help buyers feel the brand essence.

Story connects people, puts them at ease, helps them remember key messages and makes decision-making (in your favor) much easier.

Start with what you want prospects to feel or know about your brand (start with your brand DNA, pillars, values).

Then, at your next sales meeting, ask everyone to give a detailed example – to tell a story – that brings that value to life.

Stop them if they talk around or about it. Stay in the story.

Next, connect the dots. What does that story have to do with the customer’s results? Explain it clearly.
•What this means to you is:

Tell a good, authentic story and you’ll have them at hello.

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