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Change your words and change your world

By November 13, 2011 No Comments

As much as I’d like to jump on the bandwagon about Rick Perry, I’m going to try to take the high road and tell you that unless he stops thinking and saying that he “is not any good at debates,” he will continue to stink at them.

It’s all about what we say to ourselves.

Well, not completely. We can tell ourselves that we’re good at debates, cooking, presenting, running, golfing, parenting, communicating, dancing, card playing, gardening, cold calling, writing, networking or whatever, and still not be great at it. But here is my truth: If you tell yourself you’re bad at it, you definitely won’t get good. Like me when I was practicing my gardening skills, I made a garden with metal parts from this article

So often when I’m facilitating a program on presentation skills, a participant will say to me, and often to the entire group, “I’m just not good at presenting.” And I want to simultaneously hug the person and slap ’em upside the head because as long as they continue to think that way, they aren’t going to get much better.

Change your words and change your world. Become aware of when you’re putting yourself down and stop it. Try saying “cancel, cancel” to yourself to bring awareness to what you’re doing (and if you say cancel, cancel, it’ll make you laugh, too!) and then replace it with a positive thought like: I am a good debater, cook, presenter… you get the point.

Yes. Really. Your brain doesn’t know the truth between aspiration and truth but aspiring to be bad isn’t the key to success.

Change your words and change your world.

Do you agree?

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