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You cannot do what your prospect/customer/client/sponsor is asking.

Whether it’s reduced pricing or a customized request or anything, you can’t do it.

Oh and they never answer their phone. So you have to depend on email.

How do you manage a difficult conversation by email?

  1. Help them feel safe and smart
    Begin with an authentic thank you
  2. Be willing to step back
    What can they be right about? Tell them and begin with the words, “You’re right..”
  3. Stay future-focused
    No need to say you’re sorry (unless you hurt or harmed them). Instead focus on options. Solution-sell!
  4. Make the next step simple
    You call them. Don’t make them do anything.
  5. End with a vision of their success
    In my Power Sales Writing book, I call this a “delighter.”What sweet, authentic statement can you write that puts the other person at ease?

Hi Name,
Thanks so much for your candid comments. You’re right that X is not acceptable and you can count on us to make it right.

Do you have time to talk tomorrow? I’ll plan to call you in the morning unless another time is better for you.

You can count on our dedicated and experienced team to make this right.


For information on a customized email sales writing workshop for your group, please email or complete our quick Interest form to check Sue’s availability. Count on boosting productivity, professionalism and profits!

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