When you’re ignored in a meeting, you have several choices.
You can roll over and play dead (and expect to have this happen again).
You can lash out at your colleagues (and be marked as a b*itch forever more).
You can respectfully and powerfully expect to be taken seriously.

We teach people how to treat us.

Just a second. I’d like to get clarification on my idea before moving on.
Excuse me. I’m curious if there’s a reason there wasn’t discussion when I mentioned X. Is there history I should know about or is it something else?

Whether email or verbal communication, it’s up to you to take the high road, the smart road, the strategic road.
I should have spoken up sooner and would like to go back to the point I was making…

Find a way to help them feel safe and smart continuing the conversation so you can gain best results.
Your research is always thorough and I’m not disagreeing with your results. I’m asking you to consider additional factors that may impact results.

If you hurt or harm someone, say you’re sorry.

But, do you use apology as a default behavior? (How often do you say “I’m sorry”?)
I’m sorry, this may be out of order…
I’m sorry, I was just going to say…
I’m sorry, this may be wrong but..

Use language that focuses forward toward solution rather than to apology.

The more positive and purposeful you are, the more persuasive you’ll be.

NO APOLOGY; esp important for the women
Just a second. I’d like to get clarification on my idea before moving on.
I should have spoken up sooner.

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