“I sent 40 emails last week and didn’t get one response. I don’t understand,” said the desperate and despondent commissioned sales person.

Sound familiar?

Here’s why they aren’t reading your emails and what to do about it:

1. You wrote about yourself instead of my success.
I’m your new ABC and I’m excited to tell you about our new X and here are all the reasons I think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Okay, no one writes exactly like that but close enough so you get the point.

2. You went for the kill.
What is the simplest, easiest, most comfortable next step? Don’t ask for a meeting when I have no reason – and no created desire! – to swap my time for your sales pitch.

3. You were simply transactional.
You told me “the facts, ma’am, just the facts” when what I wanted was to feel good about the next step, feel cared about and be excited about possibilities.

4. You went on and on. And on.
Until your buyer is interested, all your email needs to do is pique their interest enough to advance the sale with you. They don’t need to be experts in what you do.

5. You had bad luck at the moment and they were swamped with other priorities.
No time = no time.

6. You had bad luck at the moment and they weren’t interested in what you had to offer. At this moment.
See the BONUS section for ideas to change this around.

7. You were a mean girl or boy.
Please don’t write unless you can send an email infused with authentic positivity and care.

8. You never told me what to do or what you’d do.
In the old days we called this a “call-to-action.” Today we just call it a next step because most often it is your next step and not a CTA. Even if you want them to view a product demo, let’s say, then what?

9. You expected me to do the work you should do.
I had to call you or let you know when I was available or what my thoughts on the subject are. Too. Much. Effort. Make it simple and easy to take the next step.

10. You tried to trick them.
Your buyers are smart professionals. If you ever feel like you’re being cheesy, fake, inauthentic or worse, stop. Just stop. Envision the persona you’re writing to and just talk it out. Be real. Be conversational. Be honest.

Imagine you wrote a fabulous prospecting email to a qualified contact and nothing. You phone them and nothing. In your voice mail (that they likely will NOT listen to), tell them you’re going to email an article about the latest X.

Then do it.

Hi Name,

As promised, here is X and based on your LinkedIn profile (or whatever), I thought this might be helpful.

I’ll follow-up next Friday to talk about (what will you talk about that will matter to them?)…

Insert your delighter here.

Your emails work when you focus on helping them be better than they would have been without you.

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