Is there anything more frustrating than no response from a previously interested buyer?

The client asked you – asked you! – for more information and you responded with a thoughtful, concise yet complete email.

Then nothing.

Radio silence.

So I have to ask: How truly thoughtful was your message?

Reread it.

How would you rate it on a positivity scale? (Seventy-five percent of readers overestimate how effective their messaging is.)

The absolute one thing you can do to boost email response rate is to create an authentic, positive vision of success in your reader’s mind.

Way back in 2014, Laurence Bernstein and other researchers found “emotion” dominated a hotel brand buying purchase. And yes, we’ve always known buyers buy on emotion and justify with logic.

But in 2016, Boomerang validated a 15% increase in response rate when the recipient perceived the message as positive.

Connect from the heart to sell more.


Positive doesn’t mean fluffy. Or fake. Or funny.

It means caring, warm, aspirational, and genuine.

A transactional message may get the information disseminated but an emotionally appealing message will get the information remembered.

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