Do you begin your email the right way?

Here is a quick tip: It takes about a second to start an email with a greeting. Instead of just writing, Sue- (or using no greeting at all), try:
Hi Sue,
Good morning Sue,
Hello Sue,
Good day Sue.

If your company is a more conservative or luxury brand (particularly if you appeal to an older demographic), then go for:
Dear Sue.

If you and I have had emails flying between us, after the second or third email you can drop the greeting though the first time you drop it, use the recipient’s name in the first sentence-ish:
Thanks, Sue, for that great information.
I appreciate that, Sue.
Amazing what we can accomplish together! Thanks, Sue!

None of us is so busy (or important) that we can’t show a bit of thoughtfulness and courtesy. Is it “wrong” to eliminate the salutation? No! But if you wouldn’t just say, “Sue” when you see me in the morning (because you would prefer, Hi, How are ya? Good morning, Sue), then please do the same in email. Set the best tone for success by starting your email the write way! (Get it?!)

Your thoughts?

Ugghhh: Just received an out-of-office that says this: ” I will have limited access to e-mail or voicemail. If you need imidiate attention please contact…”

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