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Ramping up your prospecting is key to packing your pipeline.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

You have to do more prospecting now. And you have to do it better than you did pre C-19.

What used to work (8 months or 8 years ago – kind of the same thing) isn’t likely to work today.


Buying behavior has changed.

The great news is we know what matters to buyers today and it starts with pattern interrupt.

Current research makes it possible to create an email framework that works again and again to create pattern interrupt.

Here is the vision to apply:
Make it about your customer’s prospects goals. (Read that again. It’s major.)
Drive to a conversation not a sale.
Be personable.
Use brain-friendly messaging.

Use these tactics in your next prospecting email to create pattern interrupt, distinction and desire.

Prospecting, today, starts with social.

Or phone.

Or email.

They all work and a blended approach is required because more touches are needed.

Just don’t be invisible. Because those who are invisible today will not be visible tomorrow.

Before you go…

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