Brian Tracey once received a powerful lesson from a caring teacher, “Just because you can talk doesn’t mean you can communicate.”

So forgive me for stealing/paraphrasing those wise words:

“Just because you can email doesn’t mean you’re communicating.” (See what I did!)

Email may be the least sexy topic in the universe. But what did you spend yesterday doing? And today?

Email is your bridge to success.
You Zoom. And you follow-up with email.
You phone. And you follow-up with email.
You go on a (virtual) ride-along. And you follow-up with email.
You send a proposal…

Nothing happens without email.

Prior to C-19, it was possible to make your numbers by being just an order taker. You could be transactional and maybe get by.

Some seasoned sellers were even able to create success because of sheer persistence and their dynamic personalities.
But now being transactional has moved from being just annoying to totally unacceptable.

The answer?

Craft emails with care.
Stay true to helping them rather than selling them.
Inspire buyers by creating excitement for possibilities.
Customize and personalize.

Your ability to communicate in email – your ability to craft a clear, concise and compelling message – is everything.

Blasting out emails – sending more and more of the same old (*)*&^ – is demoralizing and yields lousy results.

Decide today that your emails will communicate.

Because the difference between writing a strategic, smart email and simply emailing is like the difference between eating soup with a spoon or a knife. Only one gets the job done.

Before you go…

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