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Does your subject line sell? Prospecting ideas and more

Have you looked through your trash file lately? It’s an easy way to determine which subject lines sell and which smell like a phish.

A quick look, and a few don’ts become apparent:

-Don’t misspell. (Importent message)

-Don’t use my name. (SUE, anything….)

-Don’t be dishonest. (About our dinner)

-Don’t leave out words. (Need talk about business)

And a list of do’s:

• Say what you’re email is about. Begin with words like:

Introducing, Announcing, Join us, You’re invited

• If it’s a limited time offer or a special sale, tell them right away:

Limited time event, Last day for…, Sale!, Save over XX%, Exclusive for Meeting Planners, Enjoy special rates..

• If you’re giving them valuable business information, tell them.

Prospecting ideas and more

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• When prospecting, ask the question that matters:

Can we talk Thursday at 4p?

Looking for a speaker to energize your team?

Are your attendees registering for your next meeting?

What value proposition do you offer?

Do your subject lines sell for you?

Action request: May I phone you Wednesday at 1p?

• Be intriguing.

Position yourself for more sales…

Get ready for a better 2010…

Look like a hero to your executive team…

Note: If any of these suggestions, sound cheesy to you, don’t use them! Before you disregard them, think about what you want your email to do. If it has to break through the clutter of your prospect’s inbox and be compelling enough so she’ll voluntarily interrupt her work to see what you have to say , consider these ideas. (Almost makes a cold call look easy, doesn’t it?!)

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