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The easiest way to be a better seller is to make a better impression with your emails.

You’re practically guaranteed to make a bad impression when your message has typos (their or thier) or grammos (there or their).

Initial research indicated spelling errors aren’t such a big deal anymore.


further, bigger research proved these misteaks (see what I mean!) still GREATLY impact results and respect.

And it isn’t generational.

It’s the recipient’s personality – not age or online competency – that determines how much typos and grammos impact feelings about the writer.

People who think of themselves as conscientious are most bothered by typos.

Those with “low agreeability” scores (whatever that means!) are more bothered by grammos than typos.

Write sloppily and you’re loaned less money, interviewed less frequently and are less likely to advance the sale. It’s not the actual era (gotcha!) but your recipient’s feelings about your error.

Full transparency. Earlier today, in response to an inquiry from a new prospect, I sent this subject line: “I’ be honored…”


No matter how much we proof what we wrote, we tend to see what we think we wrote instead of what we wrote. It has a lot to do with what happens in the brain and how we take in information.
(Researchers actually claim it’s a sign of intelligence but that doesn’t make me feel better. At all.)

The only remedy is to look at your email with a fresh eye. Like the reader does.

That happens by changing the format in which the message was created. The more unfamiliar the message looks the more the brain is forced too (yup!) actually see it.
Change the font style or color. (Remember to change it back.)
Change the background color. (Ditto)
Print out the email and read it on paper.

By taking the extra minute to make your message knew to you (ha!), your (again) much more likely to make the positive impression needed to advance the sale to, two, too.

Before you go…

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