My two-year granddaughter had a cough and the pediatrician suggested Zarbee’s cough suppressant. I bought some at CVS.

Two days later, I received an email from @CVSHealth.
Subject line: Here’s a Free Toy to Help Your Little One Feel Better

“Joy can be strong medicine. A little something to help your little one feel better. It’s no fun when a child is sick. We hope this toy brightens his or her day. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Free toy up to $5.”

OMG. Hooked. For. Life.

What does your follow-up sound like?
Instead of pitching more, what “little something” – what insight, content, information – can you provide to help your prospects know they’ll be better with you than without you?

Communicate care, excitement and a vision of their success to accelerate performance and drive growth and revenue.

Please don’t misunderstand. The question isn’t, “What additional concessions can I give them?”
The question is, “What content can I provide, what insights can I bring, what authentic messaging can I use to help them see their results will be best here?”

Here is the hack:
Create brain-friendly messaging that provides emotional certainty.

To build business, help them feel safe and smart saying, “Yes, please.”

Oh, and when I went back to CVS for her toy, I also found $32.54 worth of other things I needed that day.

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