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Here is what I know:

If a subject line says, “Your Friends at X Company,” we are not friends. Do not pretend we are.

If a CEO message says, “You are our top priority,” it’s probably not true. Do not lie to me.

If an email claims, “We are closely monitoring Coronavirus (COVID-19),” followed by something about following strict guidelines (even though cleanliness was always their top priority), what are they actually doing? Don’t believe it.

Marketing departments are being required to write these “Messages from the CEO.” Forgive them.

But you, as sellers, can be real, authentic, compassionate and caring.

You can sound human and humane.

You can be relevant and future-focused.

You can eliminate the stuff that only matters to you or that you think you need to include because everyone else is.

You can extend good will and make people smile.

This horrible virus will eventually be mitigated and this too shall pass.

Being visible is key because if you think your mailbox (and those of your customers and prospects) is flooded with messaging now, just wait until things start to get better.

Of course, though, there is nothing to worry about because, “We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed of future updates,”


Before you go…

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