Your client wants to cancel the event and has asked for their entire deposit back.


Actually, you would love to be able to do that for them except someone above you has eliminated that possibility.

Of course, no one has told you how you’re supposed to say no and keep a loyal client.

#1. It’s not the policy; it’s how you communicate the policy.
Don’t quote it. (Hyperlink if your client would be helped by reading it.)
Don’t throw anyone under the bus.
Don’t apologize for it.
Explain it with as much authentic positivity as possible.

#2. Find a solution and offer it first.
They might not love your solution but they’ll understand you’re looking out for them.
Revisit your options and see how you can present everything in terms of the client, instead of focused on your terms. (Reread that last difficult email you sent. Who is it really about?)

This situation isn’t going to last forever but people will forever remember how they felt they were treated by you. With everyone’s emotions in the red zone, it’s crucial to communicate what you can do.

Make friends today so they’ll remember you tomorrow.

Silence is toxic.

Now is the time to over communicate in short bursts (two sentences) with care, compassion and kindness.

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