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Using guilt as a motivator might work for my 92 year old mother (why should she stop now?!) but using it to motivate prospects into responding is just silly.

No one responds in a positive way to reminders of their “failures.”

“I just called and you weren’t available so I’m following up with an email” or
“This is my second email this week and I haven’t heard back from you” or
“Maybe you’re just busy but I’ve sent three emails and have had no response” or
“I left a message for you and have not heard back from you” or
“It’s been three weeks since I sent the proposal and I’ve attempted to reach you several times” or
“We had a call scheduled today and I’m sorry you were unavailable”
may be truthful but it isn’t going to get you the kind of response you’d like – or one at all.

Forget the past.

Advance forward.

Yes, you called 3X with no response. They may or may not realize that. But guilt isn’t going to persuade them to suddenly contact you.

Instead, focus on the next step regardless of the last one.

Excite them about why they should want to talk with you or respond to you and count on receiving a much quicker response.

Forget the past is my advice for all communications.

Imagine they never read it, or saw it. Or if they did, they deleted it.

It’s done.

Start fresh.

If you previously sent a proposal, don’t ask if they received it or reviewed it?
Attach it again to your next email with no need to point out you’re re-attaching.

Same with an agreement.

Or any other collateral.

If you want them to be on the same page as you, don’t make them search for the page you want them to be on.

Eliminate guilt and effort and your success will sky-rocket.

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