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When was the last time you enjoyed an “aha!” moment?

Mine was yesterday while reading Anthony Iannarino’s blog: You are Not a Rain Maker. You are a Rain Barrel.

If you aren’t prospecting, he said, you’re just a rain barrel waiting to be filled.

Ouch! I live in the Arizona desert and it could be a loooooong wait.

Rain makers – not rain barrels – take the initiative and make the effort to create (hunt) and capture (farm) business. (Have I used enough sales analogies yet?)

To be a rain maker today, you need to:
•write compelling cold and warm prospecting emails,
•feel confident picking up the phone and authentically engaging potential customers
•be comfortable engaging people F2F
•use social media to both bring insights to your buyers and learn more about them.

Successful prospecting isn’t a one channel effort and it isn’t easy. But not having new clients in your sales funnel is much harder.

Anyway, who wants to be a rain barrel?


Start prospecting.

Get to your data base and send 5 personalized emails to lost, unfinished, old business.

You can begin with a short, truthful question:
Are you ready to take your event to the next level?

Or start with humor and personality:
You’ve been missed!
Have your ears been ringing? It’s because I’ve been talking about you!

Or begin with the reason you’re interrupting their day:
Last year you expressed interest in ….
Based on my research in LinkedIn, you’re responsible for planning events for ABC.
Your name was given to me because you plan large events in vibrant, dynamic cities.

Use your first sentence to grab their attention so they’ll read your next sentence.

Use your second sentence to paint a quick evocative picture of the joy, success, achievements they can experience with you.

Your third sentence takes control of the next step.

Sentence #4 once again paints an elevated picture of delight to close out your message.

Four sentences, five emails… I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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