Buyers make choices for their own reasons.

But the most compelling reason today, right now, at this moment, is because you’ve made it simple for them to choose your option.

The more complexity you add, the more effort required, the more work they have to do to curate, determine, approve, the more likely they will not choose your solution.

Yes. You may offer the greatest value and the smartest option.

But if you make them jump through hoops, they’ll look elsewhere.


Take control of the next step to simplify their process.

Avoid anything that sounds like this: “Let us know if we have left any questions unanswered or if there is any more information we can provide.”

Do not make them work!

If you think they might have questions, pick up the phone. Schedule a time you’ll call and phone them.

If you think they need more information, hyperlink it.

Re-attach the proposal.

Attach an agreement for their consideration, convenience, approval.

Add ease to accelerate sales success.

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