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The wonder of it all!

When I was a kid living on Long Island, my parents took me to the Worlds Fair in Queens, NY. Bell Systems had this Jetson type futuristic phone – the picturephone! – where you could actually talk and SEE the caller. It freaked me out but my parents assured me that future was very far away.

And it was. Until late February.

It wasn’t that we didn’t have the modern technology to communicate virtually. We just didn’t have the desire. Or need. Or both.

Because in December 2019, Zoom had only 10 million users. But by March, 2020, there were 200 million daily meeting participants, and by April, it was 300 million!

In 2017, 60% of Americans indicated an interest in medical care online or by phone. Yet by 2018 only18% of physicians used telemedicine. Insert a pandemic and an inability or reluctance to see patients F2F and now doctors “see” two-thirds or more of their patients via technology. By April 2020, Forrester predicted, more than a billion doctor visits would take place virtually.

The future is virtual.

From seller to buyer, leader to rep, colleague to colleague, doctor to patient, those who use every communication tool to communicate authentically, and with care, will thrive and lead their organizations into post-covid growth.

Are your email skills ready to win?
Do you use email to connect and engage or just to tell and sell?
Do you create an easy, smart, frictionless next step?
Do you focus on helping them making a decision rather than on you making a sale?
Are you positive in your approach?
Can they feel your care through your messaging?
Are you clear in your purpose – to help them be better?

Are your virtual selling skills ready to win?
Do you provide value within the first 60 seconds?
Do you put people at ease pre-show?
Do you create visuals that require interaction?
Do you help participants participate with questions they want to answer?
Are you using more slides or fewer (more is the correct answer!)?
Do you believe virtual can be an effective way to sell?
Are you positive, authentic and caring in your approach?
Is your next step logical, thoughtful, frictionless?

Whoever said, “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” was wrong. Get ready and get set to win!

Before you go…

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