You’ve swiped right to let them know you’re interested. Now what will you write that is authentic yet clever, friendly but not desperate sounding, and likely to motivate a positive response?

That first impression you make will likely determine if there is even going to be a relationship.

Prospecting for new business is the same! As my friend and UK wedding consultant, Kelly Mortimer says, the secret to conversion is in the open, not the close.

Are you wasting time building credibility at the beginning of your email? Telling prospects about the longevity and strength of your company or your years selling may give you a boost of confidence, but is that what matters most to your prospect? (And if your business has been in business for 177 years? So what? All they know is that it’s old.)

Are you asking inauthentic questions, telling them how busy they are (then stop bothering them!), or pretending to care how they’re doing?

Stop the inauthentic stuff! Stop boring them! You’ll never get to first base! Instead focus on them, offer an insightful comment, find an uncommon commonality. Your job is to pique their interest and motivate next steps.

Don’t tell them everything they ever needed to know about you, your product, your situation! Your goal is to persuade them to want to talk to you further – not to put them to sleep with a list of your accomplishments (that maybe if they knew you would matter but not now).

Oh and I’m sure you have a lovely personality. Please use it.

It’s the first impression that will create a second look.

About three times a week, clients forward examples of terrible prospecting emails they receive so we can laugh at the seller’s expense. (Yes, my job is to judge.) Here is one, the fourth in this seller’s outreach, that really put me and the prospect over the edge:

“Hi Name – I know you must be very busy but did you get a chance to look over the email I sent you a few days ago? If you are interested, but just didn’t have the chance to reply yet, please let me know.

Why, why, why does this person think he will get a response with this approach?

Yes, the recipient is busy.
No, she didn’t get a chance to look over whatever email you sent a few days ago. She is busy and your email subject line and first sentence were irrelevant to her.
No, she is not interested. And she certainly isn’t interested enough to scroll through the other three messages you sent. She is busy, remember?!

With emails like this, they’re swiping left. It’s a no go from the start.

Give yourself a fighting chance by focusing on your opening strategy and the close will pretty much take care of itself.

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