Having a great product should make it easy to rep. I mean who wouldn’t want to talk to a sales rep who gets to sell an amazing resort destination, with maybe a fam trip thrown in, or one selling an FDA approved drug that dramatically improves a patient’s life?

Yet… the data is clear. Even pre-pandemic, only 44% of physicians were likely to agree to a 2 minute F2F with a sales rep (down from 80% in 2008). And travel to that resort isn’t likely until Q3 21 so the urgency isn’t there. More, most of us are busier than ever (doing who knows what, booking, rebooking?!) and with greater competition for time, sales people really need to make a case for time and attention.

That’s where your email comes in. (You knew I’d come around to that eventually!)

Clients who use email strategically are booking business, selling products and building strong and meaningful relationships for when the time is right.

You may be struggling if:
-your sales approach has remained the same even though their buying has changed.
-you’re providing data and insights your prospects can easily find on their own.
-you’re answering their questions but not also giving them confidence and comfort.
-you are sending generic templates (merging a company name doesn’t qualify as personalized!).
-you’re pushing too hard, too fast or at all (try pulling them up instead).

If you’re struggling (or just want to get better results), try this in your next email:
1.Personalize your message and approach.
2. Stop sending a gabillion emails or linkedin requests that all say the same, drab, inauthentic thing.
3. Offer your prospect what he or she needs to do their job best.
4. Don’t waste their time with stale, pre-covid stats or anything else that is irrelevant.
5. Admit vulnerability (but not drama).
6. Optimize your message by focusing on your customer’s customer’s outcome.
7. Frame your message for receptivity.
8. Eliminate generic (inauthentic) fluff.
9. Pump up the positivity.
10. Keep moving to the next natural step in their buying/learning process. Don’t skip/rush steps!
11. And as always, make the next step easy, simple and frictionless.

Craft messages that build business now!

Savvy communication skills are needed to sell today. High achieving sellers use their emails as their best sales tool. Are you?

Here is to being spooktacular! Happy Halloween!

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