One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How many emails can I send before annoying my prospects?”

Except the question is wrong.

It’s way less about quantity than quality.

With an apology to Jeff Foxworthy, you know you’re being a pest when:

You think you’re being a pest. (If you think you are, you are.)

You send a follow-up that asks if they received/read/reviewed your last email. (If they didn’t respond with your best shot, what makes you think they will with your follow-up?)

You remind them how many times you’ve “reached out.” (A number of times)

You send a “break-up” email (“You’ve never replied and this is the last email you’ll ever get from me, unless…)

You have nothing to say or add. (Just circling back to see…)

And the list goes on.

Yet the gold is in the follow-up.

Have a plan before you begin the initial connection. Know how you’ll add value, excitement and energy to create forward movement.


Okay, I admit I too have started follow-up emails with “At the risk of being a pest…”

Stop it!

Your email goal is to get engagement. And though pity might get response, it doesn’t get engagement.

First, tell them when you’ll follow-up. Then, you’re just doing what you said.

And when you do, send content (yours or a great post you read on LinkedIn) with an insightful comment. Become a helpful resource and you won’t have to worry about being a pest.

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