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Is your sales approach outdated?

I ask because last week at Meeting Professional International’s #WECVegas, I was asked to speak about “Your LinkedIn Profile Needs an Update!” And wow, was I surprised at how many people have outdated or useless profiles.

As I researched and curated best practices, and reviewed sales and meeting professional profiles, I was startled at the formal, transactional and third-person approach people chose. (I promise to get back to sales approach but there is a hint here.)

The Summary/About section is not simply a transactional summary; it’s there to sell you – to pique recruiter and prospect interest and help your stakeholders get to know you better.

Yet, some people simply list their thoughts (because these aren’t skills):
First sentence: “Tourism and retail marketing professional with deep understanding of the visitor experience.
Maintains an extensive background in tourism marketing for groups and individuals.” Huh?

Others think a press release format is smart business:
First sentence: “Sophie Spaniel is an accomplished sales-marketing executive who …. Through her customer-oriented approach, Sophie is… (Hmmm… talking about yourself in the third-person, now?)

Still others think people will care when they have given them no reason to:
First sentence: “Being an employee of the X Corporation, has been one of the highlights of my life…” (And the point is…?)

(Please don’t get me started on headlines. My most favorite non-starter was: “Sales Athlete ….” The saddest was: “Former Hotel Sales Executive – Looking for my next Opportunity”)

And though the press release approach was probably smart about a decade ago, the other approaches, did they ever work?

(Tip: At least these people took the time to write an “About” section. If you are not using this valuable real estate – even if it is just to help your stakeholders and associates know and respect you – you are leaving relationships and money on the table.)

(Finally back to sales emails)

What do YOU need to update?

The sales (and LinkedIn) approach that works today is to put yourself into your story.

Yes, of course. Make them the center of the message but help them know YOU. Not a fake, fancy, transactional you. YOU!

Amp up the “human” factor. Give them something to smile about.

Write like you’re already friends (but not familiar) and watch your results sky-rocket.

More about your LinkedIn profile—

Remember The Pina Colada Song/Escape?

“Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne”

You’re right; LinkedIn is not a dating app.

But – BUT – who are you as a person? What matters to you? If you never ever want to leave the position you’re in then think of your profile as an easy rapport builder for new relationships.

The human approach is an important key to the top of the shortlist with both recruiters and prospects.

Before you go…

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