A friend asked: “Have you ever noticed how some people’s email persona is different from their direct eye contact self?”

Umm- Yes! A leader I know is charismatic, communicative and clever. But to read his emails, you’d think he skipped grades four onward.

Because I really respect this guy, it’s (mostly) easy to give him the benefit of doubt. (He is busy. He wanted to respond quickly. He doesn’t think this is high priority.)

But what if we don’t know or like the writer? What was efficient for him or her becomes off-putting, misunderstood or worse to readers. And usually it leads to another email.

How to write your best email?

Ask yourself: Am I likable in this email?

It’s not enough to just answer a question or make a request.

Be you. Your best self.

Make friends with every email.



Being yourself doesn’t give license for being too direct (rude), rambling (not purposeful) or unprofessional (too familiar). It means using the same words and voice you’d use F2F, with care and respect.

Thank you @Eric Field for the idea for this post.

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