A client called looking for a facilitator and what he needs isn’t in my wheelhouse. I offered to tap into my speaker network to find the right fit for him.

Here is the message I sent:
A client is looking for a facilitator who will help a very new executive team build trust quickly. There has been bad blood among some on the team and he is looking for a jump start to building trust.

What I learned is that people really don’t know how to prospect or sell!

Here is a sampling of email sales “strategy”:

I have an entire chapter devoted to how to build trust and I conduct strategic retreats. My next book is based on my X.
Let me know if I can help!

Hi Sue
I can help a team build trust through communication, empathy and rapport building exercises.
I am training today and tomorrow.
I have time this evening and tomorrow evening or Thursday.
Let me know what works for you.

That is something I’ve done with other organizations.
I saw that someone suggested Name. I believe she’d be a great fit, but I’m pretty certain I’m in a different price range than her.

Hi Sue,
I can help with the executive team solution your client is looking for.
Do you have time for a quick chat or ZOOM call for you and I to get acquainted?
Here’s a link to my calendar to find a time that works for you.

Hi Sue-
Hope all is well with you and your boys*. Saw your post. I can do this. I have a background in…
<*I have one son but no idea who the boys are.>

A warm lead… ruined.


If you notice your style in any of these responses, please get out the chalk and write 100X on the nearest chalkboard:
Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.
Theodore Roosevelt

Stop writing about yourself.
Stop making other people take the next step.
Stop BS-ing.
Start using email strategically.

Top performers create messaging that helps the buyer see how they can be more successful because of you, your service or product.
High performing sellers make it desirable for prospects to want to further a conversation with you.

With email skills to create distinction, excitement and ease, you’ll advance the sale every time.

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