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“The Best Cold Call Script Ever” just appeared in my inbox. I’m hopeful it didn’t appear in yours because you might be tempted to use it. After all, look at what they’re calling it.

But it isn’t.

They start by suggesting research.

And yes, don’t insult your recipient without learning something about them.

But then they suggest you start your call by talking about the stalker-ish information you just learned.

Do not ask this stuff:
So, [prospect name], I see you went to [college]. How did you like it?
Wow, you’ve been at [organization] for [X years]. How did you get started there?
Congrats on your recent promotion. How is the new role?

Seriously. Can you imagine your phone ringing and someone you don’t know – or even someone you do know! – gets on the phone and just after introducing him/herself asks you these fake, fake, fake rapport building questions?

Research is critical because no on should be emailing or calling unless they understand (at least) a bit about the buyer’s needs.

But don’t fake it. You actually have to read the article you cite.

And don’t waste their time with questions you have no right asking.

A recent client insisted his team start with an authentic touchpoint – something the seller learned about the prospect.

The emails were totally disingenuous and because buyers are smart, the sellers were getting very poor results.

Just because you saw someone’s name in a fancy magazine or post, isn’t a reason to bother them.

Read the damn article and align with what matters most to them.

That will start you on developing the best ever meaningful connection.

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