“Send me a proposal,” they say.

Why do they want you to send information?

So they can see space, rates, dates?

Sure that is part of it.

But high achievers know it isn’t just about the stuff/product/features or even the price you have they may want.

Because most of all – it’s about your true value proposition – the proposal is about providing comfort and confidence that you understand their needs.

Buyers want to know if you, your team and your product that can make their vision/dream/objectives come true.

Buyers want to trust you, feel appreciated and special and feel right about choosing you.

It’s about:
sounding human,
showing care,
personalizing, localizing and customizing,
being customer-centric in an obsessive way
making the next step friction-less, simple, easy, clear, and
helping them to envision success.

It’s NOT about the pretty RFP software you’re using (despite the sponsor offer I received for this blog).

It’s about taking the time to create a proposal that is real, specific and impressive because it fully resonates for the buyer.

It’s about creating a response that puts them at ease, helps them feel safe and smart and elevates the conversation – and their expected results.

When they ask you to send a proposal, impress them with the real answers they need to create the highest level of success.

That doesn’t in any way imply all they need are features and transaction.

In fact, if that is all you do, count on losing the business to a competitor.

Buyers need to be persuaded that you and your solution are trustworthy.

And that takes emotion, care, customer-obsession.

Demonstrate your edge with clear, concise, emotionally appealing, caring, sticky language.

That is how you’ll advance the sale and accelerate your success!

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