The absolute most important thing you can do today to close more quickly is to make it easier and easiest for your buyer to say yes to your offer.

Not through
guarantees or
other incentives.

Not even through
motivation or even
social proof.

According to Stanford professor BJ Fogg, more important than all of that is making the next step easy, effortless, quick and seamless.

Fogg says that more than any other motivation, the key to behavior change is ease.

How easy is that!

These statements do not make the next step easy:
Are you available Tuesday at 2 to talk?
Will Tuesday or Thursday be better for you?
Your thoughts?
What will it take to earn your business?
Let’s talk.
Please let me know what additional concessions are needed.

Make the desired behavior easy!

Do not make your buyer do a darn thing!

Become your customer.

Pro-actively attach whatever they might need.

Call them rather than making them call you.

Take control of the next step to make that step sweet, easy and effortless.

Close more quickly not by aggressively pushing yourself on them but by ensuring they can agree to your offer without one bit of extra effort on their part.

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