Which of these phrases annoys you the most?

Think outside of the box
At the end of the day
Pick your brain
Circle back around
Get the ball rolling

It appears, based on Quill.com 2017 research, all are annoying, posted above in order of their annoyance level.

Here are even more to avoid.

Research by Londonoffices.com (2017) says these are the three worst offenders:
Out of the loop
Circling back *** Ding, ding! We have a winner! This one is on both lists!

Their research also included:
Blue-sky thinking
Out of the loop
Touching base
No brainer

Most likely, you’ve now thought,”Well, I don’t use THAT one!” Good for you!

In case you’re interested in my list, it includes:
Reaching out
With all due respect
Thanks in advance,
Just checking in
See (the command before above, below, attachment)
Please find attached
No problem
I hope you are well
Best (as a closing)

Oh and these from 1953 or earlier…
Please be advised
Please do not hesitate
Please feel free
Per my last email
I trust this finds you well.

Look again at the phrases. Is there anything innovative, fresh, fun, smart, caring, authentic about them?

They’re out-dated, over-used provide nothing but meaningless filler.

Eliminate these phrases to write more concisely. Replace them with strong, honest words to write more compelling, interesting messages.

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