My flight was oversold and the gate agent needed travelers to give up their seats. She started by offering $250. In the end, she upped the offer to $750. Those who got the $750 looked like they won the lottery; the $250 takers, not-so-much. And many who didn’t give up their seats were distraught….I even heard a couple moaning about their loss of $750!

A few satisfied people. Lots more unhappy.

It wasn’t an easy day for the “seller” either.

How do you handle difficult situations you create for your customers, and especially when the communication tool is email (because either you’re afraid to pick up the phone or they won’t)?

Here’s the short story:
1. Communicate early.
2. Communicate often.
3. Provide options..
4. Control next steps.

Disclose the situation. They don’t need to know everything but they do need to know.

Be accountable. Don’t throw anyone under the bus. This includes the client.

Solution sell. Here is what we’ve already done or here are the options. Only provide options you 100% know you can do.

Now what? Here is what will happen next.

Unless you’re a one-sale seller, your long-term success depends on your ability to satisfy and delight your customers.

Ineffective – or lack of – communication causes conflict. (True, at work and at home, too.)

Bad news never goes away and just becomes more difficult to convey.

When you cause the problem, yes, stay positive.

But toss the rose colored glasses.

Use the word, “fair.” As in, “In looking at the most fair solution…”

Take care of the customer.

Remember: “Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste of death but once” (Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene II) William Shakespeare

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