Do your buyers like you? I’m not asking if they’re your best friends but do they respond to your emails in a friendly, helpful, warm way? (That is an easy way to tell where you stand with them.)

If they don’t like you, you’re losing sales because really they don’t need you.

They have tons of options and (between us) they’ll probably be okay with whatever choice they make.

So if you’re going to boost sales, they have to feel differently about themselves when they deal with you.

If they don’t trust you, if they don’t feel comfortable and confident with what you say and how you say it (and how you act if you’re F2F), your actual offer won’t matter.

They want to feel good about themselves when collaborating with you (yes, even those procurement folks… they’re still human!).

One easy tip. That was it.

How do you do that? High achievers use:

Emotionally appealing words.

Positive words.

Warm, friendly words.

Words that create an authentic vision of their success.

Words that elevate and show care.

The more they like you and how they feel dealing with you, the more you’ll increase sales.

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