Have you heard me speak?

If so, you probably remember my mantra: Help them feel safe and smart.

The smarter they feel, the smarter you become.

Of course, it has to be authentic, genuine, real.

They can smell false flattery a mile away. There are so many ways to elevate them that to do it manipulatively or falsely is plain stupid.

But we feel dumb a lot. Or at least uncomfortable.

We’re all afraid we won’t be accepted, found out as charlatans or that the Peter Principle is true and we’ve reached our level of competence.

If you make it uncomfortable to become your customer, they’ll smartly turn to someone who makes it more pleasant and satisfying.

The smarter, more confident and comfortable you make them feel, the easier it is for them to want to have a business relationship with you.

The easier, simpler, more effortless and safer you make the next step for them, the smarter they feel having a business relationship with you.

Enable your buyers to easily say,“Yes, please!”

So often we think our emails make them feel smart but on a second look, we made ourselves the hero.

Here is one paragraph example. Thumbs up or down?

“On behalf of the *Hotel*, I would like to take this time to express my appreciation for the opportunity to have served you and your attendees. I’m delighted to hear that it was a success and I hope you found that our services and accommodations exceeded your expectations.”

Before you decide and in case you haven’t yet participated in my sales training, read this revision:

Congratulations on such a successful event! Your creativity was awesome!

See the difference?

Help them feel smart, successful and cared for. It’s the most selfless and selfish thing you can do to drive revenue.

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