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Your client was interested in your offer.
“Was” is the important word.

You thought your value prop was so compelling they’d definitely get back to you. Maybe they even indicated as much.

Then, radio silence.

Whatever you do, do not follow-up with:
Just following up, or
Just reaching out.

That is NOT what you’re doing!

Your job is to re-excite, reassure or relax them.
Your job is to remind them of the pleasure they can enjoy or the pain they can avoid by moving forward.
Your job is NOT to talk about what you want (I just want to follow-up).

Give them a compelling reason to want to have further conversation with you.

Your want – to follow-up – just isn’t going to do it.

Often it turns out the value prop that was supposed to be so compelling (wow! clean rooms! amazing! hand sanitizer!) was really only a list of features.
Nice features.
Cool features.
Unique features.
But features nonetheless

Features are only compelling when they are emotionally connected to the outcomes your buyers want.

Whether you’re selling hotel space, financial investments, real estate, pharmaceuticals or even season tickets, you’re job isn’t to follow-up; it’s to fire up!

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