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If anyone is going to lead the hospitality industry forward, it’s going to be sales people.

Hear me out.

Too many “leaders” are pretty leaderless today. This isn’t a political statement (though it could be); it’s a business truth. The C-suite is scared to say, “Yes, let’s book the meeting” because:
• what if someone (someones) get sick at or on the way to the event,
• no shows cost (a lot of) money,
• social distancing and other smart precautions eliminate opportunities for robust conversation, diminishing the value of the event.
Point. Point. Point.

But what happens if the meeting isn’t held? What pain occurs? What pleasure is missed?

What is the company losing because in-person meetings/events are not happening?
What is not happening because there are no F2F events?
What else could be accomplished/achieved/created/produced with F2F collaboration and conversation?

Sell outcomes not just benefits.
Inspire, don’t just educate.
Wear your positive pants

Help your buyers with content and also provide the motivation needed for them to stand up, speak out and be brave.

It’s time to move the world forward respectfully, safely and smartly!

Forget “recovery.” Help them grow.

And never “bounce back” because bouncing forward is what is needed to lead today.

Before you go…

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